Perfect tension is the just the right amount of tension that moves you up and lifts you up. Still requiring effort, but there is an amount of ease that carries you through the process.

Welcome to a new series on mindfulness beyond your yoga mat. Yoga is one of those things that has the potential to improve your life far beyond your yoga mat and the physicality of the practice. It doesn’t have to. If you just know you need to move, build strength and improve your flexibly and mobility, well then, that is plenty. And yoga will meet you where you are help you build strength, improve your lung capacity, deepen your calm and improve your mobility and flexibility.

However, if you have started your yoga journey, and have loved all the benefits, than taking your practice beyond your yoga mat is always an option. This series will help you live more mindfully. My goal is that you will find other ways that ground you and help you listen and remain present, building your listening and mental muscles–and offering you additional calm throughout your day. We will dive into several areas… slowly, and you can try on what you want to try on, and discard what doesn’t fit you, or your season of life. Always remember, your season of life is just that, a season. Not in all seasons will we have time to do some of the things that bring us joy. I’m speaking for myself here… maybe you have figured out a way I never could. 🙂

In this series we will look at specific ways that allow our creative sides thrive, respect our environments, and support living at a slower pace

We all are creative in some way. This is also about slowing down. So no rush. However, as you go through the next few days. Notice what sparks your creativity.

– Maybe you are already a maker. Sewing, knitting, pottery, crocheting?
– Maybe you like to decorate your home for each season?
– Maybe you have a green thumb and like to grow and nurture plants?
– Maybe you like to plant a garden and have been preparing and nurturing your land?
– Maybe taking time to prepare a meal or dessert brings you a lot of joy?
– Maybe you are great with thinking of ways to reduce waste to support a healthier environment?
– Maybe a spontaneous dance party is your thing? And you have the best playlists around…

Even if you haven’t making time for what sparks your creativity, what does light you up and cause you to think happy thoughts when you make time for these things?

If you haven’t been able to fit in those creative moments, what can you do to make time for them again? Or how can you simplify so you can fit them in again? (This is a good time to check your social media usage. :))

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