Online Fitness Classes (OFC) - New Content is currently not being added each week

What do you get each month?

  • 2-3 pre-recorded classes each week
  • 1 class per month – join a live class, in person or via zoom (12 times/year)
  • All you need is an exercise mat, at times props will be recommended but it is okay if you don’t have them!
  • End the time spent making a decision on which class to take. Classes will be rotated in and out, so less decision making! PLEASE READ-I am currently not recreating new weekly content!
  • No commute, all it takes is going to the webpage and pressing play
  • Discounted cost/class – normal cost is $15/class (The more you use the classes the more affordable they get!)

PLEASE READ-I am currently not recreating new weekly content, so videos will still be traded out each week, but they will not have new content.

This is a auto-renewal membership, but you can cancel at anytime. 

Once you register, you will be sent an email with a waiver of release (just like you would fill out when attending a live class) along with the link for your subscription. Your membership will run month to month. There is no minimum commitment, beyond the month that you have paid for. 

With this being a brand new program, you may wait for several hours before you receive the login. I apologize in advance, I will send you the log in as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding!