Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the convictions of things not seen.” – Hebrews 11:1

What I believe inspires what I practice. 


When I teach class, I constantly mention keeping your core engaged. I do this for several reasons (I’m sharing the biggest two below)…

One, when your core is engaged, you are protecting your spine. Our spine determines how well we actually move. So it matters. Keeping your “core engaged” requires more than just pulling in your belly. Pulling your navel to your spine is part of it, but we also must engage the deeper core muscles, and one of the ways to help facilitate this is by sliding your low ribs towards your pelvis. Extra effort is required.

Another reason is because I don’t like to keep my core engaged. It takes work, which can feel like since it doesn’t seem obvious if you continue to practice that action, it is easy to slack off a bit. 

If I was in a tight top and you could actually see the details of my core, I might be more inclined, but I tend to where tops that bunch up at the bottom, so it isn’t as noticeable. At least for the untrained eye. 

Lack of stabilization shows up in everything you do, in small ways, but still ways that affect everything.

How we “show up” anywhere is how we “show up” everywhere. What we choose to do in the dark, or where we think no one can see, always will show up in some way, at some point. Integrity.

As I taught class this morning, integrity was the word that just kept coming up in my mind. How do I keep showing up, with integrity, when life is so messy?

Some questions to ask, when the road feels either smooth or loaded with rocks:

Who do I want to be? 
Who do I believe God created me to be?
What steps/actions do I commit to practicing, even when I don’t feel like it?
What are my reminders/triggers to keep me accountable? 

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