Letting go of coffee-at least for the short-term.

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Someone that took part in the Spring Reset asked a great question, “How is caffeine not good for us?” (Part of the Reset includes giving up caffeine and black tea.)

As you know, caffeine is a stimulant. As adults, most of us have figured out what time of day we need to quit drinking caffeine in order to sleep at night. The answer is different for everyone. Often we don’t realize how much of an impact, even a little bit of caffeine can have on our bodies. When we give up coffee (or whatever stimulant you drink), we have the ability to see if maybe we are more fatigued than we thought, or maybe that one cup of coffee/black tea is what is keeping us from having a great night’s sleep!

For me: I have a couple of additional reasons: 1. I don’t like to need to rely on a stimulant to function at my highest level. Do I still enjoy a great cup of coffee? Yes (just not every day)! And if you know me, that includes grinding the beans that are fair trade and organic. Which leads to my second reason: Coffee is one of the biggest crops where human slavery still takes place today. That is a big deal. If you are buying cheap coffee, then the person that picked those beans didn’t get much compensation for their work. Also, if pesticides are used to treat the crops where those beans are grown, you are putting that junk into your body.

If you didn’t take part in the reset, but still want to find out how much you rely on stimulants and/or coffee, then take a break for a week. Schedule it into your calendar now–don’t put it off! And then notice how you feel. Do have withdrawal symptoms? If so, don’t give up early, stick it out. It could take a week. You will find out that once you don’t rely on it, you will have more energy than you think.

Then, as you find your new normal, can coffee be an everyday thing? Yes, but just like everything else, be aware of how it affects you. Be aware of when you have to have it, and the reasons why. If you have found you don’t crave it like you did before the reset-awesome! Go with it! Keep noticing what tastes better and is more satisfying. And, then please let me know what you find out!! I love to hear how small changes in habits can create big and positive change in someone’s life.

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