Train Smarter

Bringing “Train Smarter” from conception to birth has been a several year process. The idea was first conceived after both a series of injuries, and reaching the point that I was tired of living stuck, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I knew I had to make a choice. Either stay where I was, ignoring the call and desire to live a life that held more impact, or to physically and mentally begin to challenge my own thinking and actions.

The steps have included more twists and unexpected turns than I had ever imagined, and while I know they are far from over, I would not trade one of them.

So, Training Smarter encompasses my signature 3-Pillar Training along with running and yoga. Running has always been the groundwork for growth for me, and yoga is the tool that keeps me grounded and running free from injury and living with body integrety.

Please check back soon, there is much for to come.