The Autumn Guide for Busy Gals

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Thanks for tuning in! Hit the reset button on your day by hitting play. Autumn inspiration and instruction in less than 15-minutes!


Podcast brought to you from Young Living Essential Oils. Sign up for a starter kit before November 3 for a premier starter kit and get $20 cash back or an essential oil! 

Why get a Premier Starter Kit?

I’d love to tell you more about the oils.  Ohhh the oils!  (I literally can’t stop talking about them!) So, I’m part of this amazing group called Hello Essentials and we all use and love Young Living Essential Oils, the best and purest essential oils on the market. By far. Our website is These oils are amazing to help alleviate all sorts of things from allergies, poor sleeping, skin issues, headaches, bug bites, sore throats, coughs, colds, flu, stuffy noses, energy and the list goes on and on. The essential oils from Young Living are all therapeutic grade oils you can diffuse, apply topically and ingest.  Basically things that you’d typically run to the medicine cabinet and pop a pill for, except these are totally natural.  


We don’t have a ton of “issues” in our family but here is what we’ve used, with success, so far:

-Purification: on refreshing the air (we had puppy “issues” for a while. 😉

-Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint: congestion, energizing and elaxation(a must have in our house!!!)

-Panaway or Peppermint: helps with head tension

-Frankincense: helps with skin

-Lavender: keep clear of congestion

-Thieves: staying above the wellness line and peppermint rocks for tummy aches

My biggest recommendation for someone new would be the Premium Starter Kit… it has SO many awesome oils in it that can be used for an almost endless range of ailments. It is $160, and comes with 11 oils, 2 sample packets of each of the top 5 oils, PLUS a diffuser! The diffuser alone is $100! The kit also makes you a “wholesale member” which gives you 24% off any reorders/future purchases you might want to make. Think of it like a Sam’s Club membership… you pay your member fee (which is ordering the kit) and you get the special member pricing. This does NOT mean you have to be a distributor and do the business like me.

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