Spring Reset

This gentle detox will reset your mind and body in 10 days.

Do you deal with headaches, stomach issues, mind-day slumps and/or aches or pains?

Reset: to renew, rejuvenate, refresh, to make young again.

This is a guided online course. You will receive all the tools and guidance you need to help you through each phase of this seasonally-aligned reset. Most importantly, you will not be making this journey alone, you will be joining a like-minded community who also desire a fresh start this spring.

  • 3 videos to help you with each of the 3-phases of the course
  • Access to our online community to ask questions, be inspired and join in the conversation throughout the Reset
  • 2 live group conference calls for questions and answers about the reset and how to maintain balance after the 10-days
  • A detailed guide to lead you step-by-step through the detox plan, blank meal planner,  and a tip sheet for simplifing your kitchen to help nourish your mind and body
  • Plant-based, spring inspired recipes
  • 1-month membership to One + One Yoga’s online video library to help promote cleansing and detoxifying the body
  • Daily emails with cleansing tips and prompts
  • Personalized email check-ins for additional support and accountability

How the Reset works:

Part 1: Release (April 16-18): This week we will begin by gently nourishing and detoxifying the body, preparing to move in deeper to the cleanse in week 2.

Part 2: Refine (April 19-22): Kitchari Cleansing (or raw soups or juices)* for part 2. Depending on your personal constitution will determine whether raw soups or juices is a better choice for your body.You will learn the nourishment provided by a mono-diet to purify your mind, body and soul.

Part 3: Rejuvenate (April 23-25): Focus on experimenting with a healthy diet to nourish you post-detox. Time to integrate what you have learned in part 1 and part 2. You will already be reaping the benefits of more clarity and balance within your body.

What kitchen tools and foods to I need to participate?

This is a whole food-based course. You will not need any fancy kitchen equipment. I do recommend a colander made for rice. Some ingredients may be new to you. I will send out a list, along with your Spring Reset guide and worksheets a week before we start. A few pots and pans and if you have one, a blender is great to give you more options.

How do you know this is for you?  Do you deal with Other imbalances (headaches, PMS, menopause symptoms, low energy levels, mental fog and joint pain)? Then this is for you!
The focus isn’t on weight loss, but rather having the support to make healthy changes that help you get rid of imbalances in your body.

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