quads (small group training)

Are you tired of hitting the same goals over and over and not ever reaching your “dream goals”?

Are you ready to commit more to your health journey? This Small Group Training group (your “quad” ) is limited to 4 members. You small group membership includes a small group fitness class and a health coaching* session each week.

We will dive into the why of what your goals are to get to the root of what may be holding you back (food, past history, limited movement…). We also will have an additional workout. The Small Group will be limited to 4. The first group will be helping shape the program. If you are unable to attend the classes in person, there will be a virtual option.

Your commitment will affect the group as a whole, so please take time in making a decision as to if this is something you are ready for. Class times will be before or after work hours. The cost is $149/month. If you register, you are willing to commit to 6 months. This cost does not include additional fitness classes/week.

*Regina’s health coach training is through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. There are no special powders, drinks or pills as a part of the health coaching. You will learn the tools you need for YOUR longterm health. You will learn how to eat best for you and get you off the diet roller coaster and provide tools to end the habits and self-talk that may be keeping you feeling stuck.