Joyfully Healthy You… taking back your health so you can greater impact your world


 I taught fitness classes for years, I was surrounded by other fitness professionals… and I still struggled with ups and downs on the scale, not feeling emotionally content with how I felt and looked, and I couldn’t shake the guilt when I made time for me.

As women, our health is often put on the back-burner. It is tempting to believe the lie that as a Woman/Wife/Mom there too many other things to do and you shouldn’t need time to take care of yourself. Taking time and making food choices that make you actually feel better can somehow leave us feeling guilty.

Drop that thought and the guilt, right now. The time is now to start reminding yourself that only when You make time for your health can you love and live at Your best!

“Above all else, guard your heart, everything you do flows from it.” – Proverb 4:23

What we think and believe matters. How we live our day-to-day and moment-to-moment matter. You are not being selfish to make time to care for the body God gave you. What we put into our mouths and how we care for our physical bodies affects everything we do and impact the people we love. I’m not saying this because it is my business, this is my passion because the above struggle was mine. I struggled with my emotions being guided by what number was on the scale and then the guilt because time was spent thinking about how to “fix the number.” My struggle wasn’t really about the number, but about what that magic number represented.

Joyfully Healthy You was created to empower you to remove the barriers holding you back.
Some of the ways this membership will get you over your barriers:
-simplify the process of what foods are really best for YOU (just like our personalities are different, the foods are bodies most need may be different as well)
-create habits of preparing good food and eat mindfully
-move well (no matter your age and level of fitness)
-create habits that help you stay honest with yourself and your health
-let go of what is holding you back from being your best
-support to keep you moving forward and guidance for when you find yourself stuck

I am preparing to launch my beta course for a 4-week (introduction) of Joyfully Healthy You! This is your opportunity to get in from the beginning and making the program even better than it has ever been!
You will learn, you will be inspired, and you will be encouraged! To get your name on the wait list, for know you can sign up here. Enrollment officially opens mid-September.