Moms Boot Camp

Moms 6-Week Boot Camp:
6-week pilot course

Enrollment opens: October 2017
The full course is created to run for 12-weeks. With an option, to sign up for 4-courses to run throughout a 1-year span of time.

To kick off the first official launch, the pilot course will last for 6-weeks. AS SOON as the 6-weeks end, there will be an opportunity to move forward and join a full 12-week course. If you join the pilot you will have discounted rates for all the following seasons of the courses, including the full 1 year/4-cycles of the course).

This Boot Camp is for the Moms who desire to thrive as both Mom and within the gifts God has given them–to love more, live more, and to live with more intention and clarity. This is course is created to serve as both a catalyst and a framework, helping you learn how to live with more passionate purpose–in the midst of your season in the mom-hood. If you had lost your sense of purpose beyond your day to activities, or have been living with the hidden fear of lost hope, be prepared, your about to learn how to live your life to the fullest, even in the difficult and beautiful season of parenting littles to teens.