I hope you’re ready to start the holidays with more peace and joy.

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Gain Peace and Joy during the Holidays through Scripture, Meditation and Movement.

Journey to Christmas is 28-Day Advent Devotional led by Regina Casner, founder of Restore Tribe, who is a certified health coach and yoga instructor. Regina will lead you through an experience during the 28 Days of Advent that incorporates scripture reading, prayerful meditation and simple yoga practices to help you to quiet your mind, focus on the gift of Christ, while using simple yoga movements to help your mind, body and spirit to release stress and allow you to experience the holiday season with even more peace and joy.

Will you join us?

Included in the Journey to Christmas 28-Day Advent Devotional

Daily Devotional

Together we will read through the entire book of John, as well as two chapters in Luke. Knowing God’s story is important to knowing who He is.

Daily Meditation

Meditation is where we give God room to teach us his point of view. We have purposefully included a few methods of prayer to guide you in this spiritual practice.

Daily Movement

We use movement (yoga) to  learn about ourselves and to feel better in our bodies. Instructions for the poses are included in the devotional as well as classes via video.

Special Bonuses

Along with a few fun and delicious holiday recipes to enjoy, there will be yoga classes offered each week, available on FB Live.