Corporate Wellness

Practical Planning & Editable Templates to help your employees + business thrive.


What We Do


Fitness challenges and classes offered to improve your employees physical well-being.

Mental Wellness & Stress Management

Techniques and practices for better mental health


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About Us

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Quarterly Templates for your Wellness Program

Quarter 1 (May-August) Coming Soon


Themed Templates – Stand Alones

Interested in offering a wellness challenge that encourages your co-workers to move more? Less Sugar, more mobility, the challenge of teamwork and steps. All the materials you will need, with the canva template so you will make your materials specific to your workplace. 

How To Organize your year Workshop

Resources at your fingertips are great, but really save yourself time, energy, and money with planning in advance. Tapping into local businesses and building a stronger community.

Group Exercise Training for your Wellness Program

Want to add group classes, but not where to start?

Wellness Coaching 

Resources (printables); recommended training and/or coaching available via an online platform.

The How-to’s for building  your team.

You’ve done the work, but are still struggling to get the word out? Communication is best by recommendation and word of mouth. Workshop for building a team of superheros to help build morale and increase participation.


Wellness Blog

integrity… and core work

integrity… and core work

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the convictions of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1 What I believe inspires what I practice.  Integrity.  When I teach class, I constantly mention keeping your core engaged. I do this for several reasons (I'm...