7-day Reboot

A 7-Day Challenge to inspire you to move more, breath deeply and find gratitude for what you already have!

How the 7-Day Reboot works:

Each day you will receive an email with 3 daily challenges. You may choose to practice 1, 2 or all three of them.

A few things about the way I have set up the challenge. Each challenge falls under a specific pillar. For me, I can get a little overwhelmed when I think about training our human body for optimal performance–mind, body and soul–that is a huge project. At least for myself. ;). There are so many options, narrowing it down to what is best is tough! Narrowing it down to what is best for each individual is even more difficult, but critical for you to be all you are created to be.

The 3 pillars I use are:
1. Rest: think about getting your parasympathetic system to be on your team, instead of fighting against you!
2. F.U.N.: tiny and powerful movements! (This type of work is both physical and mental. We are raising the bar to your potential.
3. Active: Heart-rate raising, or sequence building movement that is what you possibly think of when you think of a physical fitness challenge!

Note: if any of the above didn’t make sense, stick with me, by the end of our 7-day Reboot, it will. As with any type of course or class I teach or coach, your fitness level will be taken into consideration! Also, by the end of the 7-days, I hoping you will have stepped out of your normal fitness-box, and have tried at least 1 new movement or practice.

So if I commit, what do I get?
A 7-Day Reboot which includes written out instructions, and a guide to print and fill out to keep track of your week your progress.

Click here to download: 7-Day Reboot-FREE-hi-july

Q&A to help you be ready!

-Q: What will I need?
-A: Just yourself, and the ability to get to a source of drinking water. 😉

-Q: Do I need to sign up?
-A: Yes!!! When you sign up, you are committing to taking your health more seriously! If you currently are practicing a healthy lifestyle, you have one more, really good reason, to add something new to your routine. If making time for your health is a struggle, you are committing to raising the priority–at least for 7-days! To receive the downloadable PDF guidebook, the daily emails and video links you have to be signed up!

-Q: What do I have to do?
-A: I will not ask you to do more than you are capable of. Each day has 3 options (with modifications). You choose at least one of the challenges to work through each day.

-Q: I’ll be on vacation or out of town of the official scheduled week (or month), is it worth trying?
-A: Absolutely! All challenges should be able to be carried out anywhere! If you don’t have wifi available, just make sure to print off the PDF so you are prepared. just post as soon as you can.